August 3-5, 2018 Tenero Switzerland

Giorgio Volpi

Coach Volpi is a physical education teacher with more than 20 years of experience coaching American football at different levels; College, High School and Europe. His college career started at his Alma Mater, Santa Barbara City College where he coached three different times. He mainly coached defensive positions and worked as a strength and conditioning coach.

During these times, he was the opponent scout team coordinator where he prepared cards, scouting reports and, with the DC, prepared game plans. While studying and coaching in the U.S., Giorgio was hired different times to coach in Europe. He coached in Germany with the Erding Bulls (GFL) along with Vic Rapp (Chicago Bears), in Switzerland with the Zurich Renegades, and in Italy with the Legnano Frogs, Varese Skorpions and Bergamo Lions, While with the Bergamo Lions, they won the Eurobowl (2001) and the Italian title. His High School career started in Utah with the Ogden Tigers, where Giorgio coached every position in defense and also helped with the special teams.

After finishing his Master in Education at Weber State University, he moved back to Santa Barbara where he coached at SB High School for several years, starting as an offensive line coach and ending as the defensive coordinator. Right now, his connection with HS football is occasionally in the summer where he helps from time-to- time Bonneville HS in Utah. In the last decade, Giorgio moved back to Switzerland where he co-founded a team in Lugano, the Lakers, where he was the head coach and DC for a number of years. Right now, he is the defensive coordinator of the Swiss Junior National team.